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How to Become a Model

Most reputed Indian modeling agency provide tips, how to become a model, there so many aspiring youngsters from various cities of India come to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes to become super and successful model and actor in the glamour industry. However, they just jump into this field without any strategic thought or even they don’t know the basic facts of the industry. Even they are not able to assess their own talents and self strength to conquer in this industry. Unfortunately, they are soft target by so many so called coordinator/ producers/directors; they always show them dreams of success offering those tempting assignments and quick success for their own interest. As a result most of youngster fall prey to unprofessional and fake agencies who exploit them. This leads to frustration and disappointment. To scrutinize career in to modeling and acting, an adequate planning and sincere implementation are quite necessary. Needless to say, due to lack of inadequate approach, the beginners and aspiring models never achieve their set goals. On the contrary, they lose a lot for nothing. Here are the few tips to the new comers.
Female Models:

  • Assess yourself
  • Are you from Outstation?
  • Are you well prepared?
  • Are a Good Performer?
  • Do you have professional Portfolio?
  • Do you have right direction?
  • Where and How to Approach for Assignments
    • Assess yourself

      Think rationally and asses yourself with honest thought. Do you fit into this profession? Or you are Just pampered by your family and friends, this is not right criteria analyze yourself. You must have perfect blend of great looks and body. As a model, you have to inspire other people to be like you. Most of the brands related to clothing, automobile, toiletries; make up, communications, banking, foods, drinks, estate, electronic banks upon the models characters and looks. Beside the looks, you should be photogenic? Obviously you are the person to asses yourself in all the aspect, then step forward on the path towards the modeling and acting field.
    • Are you from Outstation?

      As you are well aware Mumbai is the “Madison Avenue” of India. Mumbai is worldly famous for Bollywood as well advertising filed. Most of the biggest production house of Hindi film industries are located in Mumbai, as well as biggest advertising agencies, top notch film director, cinema photographers, event and celebrity management organization. Needless to say Mumbai is only city where you can turn your dreams into reality. Of course Mumbai is very expensive city and nothing will happen overnight. So if you wish to come to Mumbai, spare at least one year time and ample hold up from your family and friends in terms of finance and moral support. Never overestimate your destiny that in couple of weeks or months you will be assigned for big assignment. Be rationale. First of try to plan out your stay in Mumbai without any earning. Thereafter book your flight and train tickets for Mumbai, else you will be lost in this ocean.
    • Are you well prepared?

      To peruse your career into this industry, you need at least 1 year period... to create assignment opportunities in the glamour industry. Always remember nothing will happen overnight. Don’t be a day dreamer. To prepare yourself you need to make a good professional portfolio, to shape up your inner and outer personality you may have to join gym/acting and grooming classes/ dance class/ martial arts etc., depends upon how you want to shape yourself and where are you focusing. Of course a good portfolio and grooming and acting course are almost essential. Even all the sons/daughters of celebrities have done acting course in best institutes in Mumbai or aboard with outstanding portfolio before their debut in the films. Obviously, all these preparation require ample money, time and patience. Unless, you don’t have financial support to survive in this industry. This is inevitable after some extent; you will not be able to continue here. And at the end of the day due lack of money for survival, you will lose your confidence and start to blame either your destiny or this industry. Obviously, you are well aware how much money, hard work and dedication are required to become a MBA, Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Air Hostess, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer etc., So you never under estimated this industry. This one of the most challenging and competitive field compare to any other profession.
    • Are a Good Performer?

      No matter, how much you look awesome in real and pictures, unless you are not a good performer, NO production house will going to assign you, since for any assignments shoot, the production house invest huge money and time and never think to take risk for the models and talents who are not capable to perform according to their requirement. Just copying the Celebrities or being stylish with full of attitudes: is not enough to analyze the acting and performing skills. You must possess ample talent to portray a specific character with emotions in front of a camera. Most of the new comers are having good structures of body and nice face but quite pathetic aspect of performance. To make yourself a vital performer, acting and grooming classes are MUST to improvise your inner personality and acting skills, if you are looking the assignments in TV serials, Hindi Films or regional films. And always join professional and well reputed grooming and acting classes, else Mumbai is full of the so called “ACTING SHOPS” If you can consult with us in this respect.
    • Do you have professional Portfolio?

      Do you have outstanding portfolio? Shot by a professional photographer who is having state art of photography equipments, well equipped studio, professional makeup and hair artists, Photoshop, wardrobe collections/designer. Never approach to a photographer who is not having his/her own studio, needless to say that photographer is not established. Most of them just make you fool out of you by giving tempting offer of fake assignment just make quick money by the new comers. Also never make a portfolio by the modeling and casting agency. We have observed, there are so many modeling agencies in Mumbai, they use to charge minimum Rs.15,000/-- 20,000/- onwards from the new comer and finally paying just Rs.3000 – 5000 to their in-house photographer or a novice photographer. So end of the day you get a very lousy portfolio at miserable price. We have come across lots of victim of those agencies. If you want, we can guide you about the professional photographer and will give you tips how to prepare yourself to make a good portfolio.
    • Do you have right direction?

      Once you are good performer and having a great portfolio. Now, you are well prepared to market and promote yourself. Do you have anybody to guide you how to go further? Unfortunately in Mumbai, Delhi or any other cities of India. By and large all these casting and coordination agencies set up their goal to snatch as much as money from the new comers for the name of registration, enrolment fee, association cards, cheap portfolio etc., They perceive your dreams as your weakness and trap the new comers with sugar coated talks to INCASH your weakness with tempting offers of assignments. So be aware about those agencies and coordinators. Of course, you should be smart enough to justify the credibility of an agency and a coordinator. Try to approach the genuine and professional agencies and direct approach to production houses with a outstanding portfolio and confidence of performance. .
    • Where and How to Approach for Assignments

      Modeling and acting is like a business or any other profession. So you have to work hard with adequate planning. Once you have a nice portfolio and quite confident in terms of your performance, you can assume that you are a good product. And always remember, a good product can’t be positioned as a “brand” without proper marketing. So try to study and analyze the entire market of acting, modeling and glamour industry. And try to obtain collect contact details of maximum production houses, casting directors, modeling and casting agencies and keep on mailing pictures to them, afterwards follow your mails with personal call for meetings. Beside that you have to plan out your day for physical approach to industry people. While approaching to them, you should be quite confident, presentable with friendly attitude but yet simple and down to earth. Never try to do any show off or hangover of any previous assignment. Always remember, whatever talents and looks you have….if a casting director notice a bit of superiority and counterfeit attitude. You will be dropped in seconds and they might delete your pictures and contact nos once you leave from there. So carry your simple and friendly attitudes, at the same time..Never plead or show your voracity for assignments. You should present yourself in well balanced manner and attitudes.

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    Indian modeling and casting agency based in Mumbai, provide the best guidance to the new and aspiring models from out stationed, we use to guide them how to prepare themselves to step into the modeling and film industry. What you have to do to become a successful Indian male model, female models, Indian bollywood celebrity, film actor, film actress, artists and good talent. Pictures, data base, portfolio, casting calls for Indian male, female, kids and mature models, we provide them tips how to make a portfolio, how to improve their performance skills, which kind of the photographer should be good to make a good quality portfolio, which are the professional groom and acting institutes are in Mumbai. And how to promote themselves in to this competitive industry.